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RAW vs Jpeg - Why take photos in RAW?

RAW vs Jpeg - What is the better shooting in RAW?

RAW vs Jpeg -What is RAW shooting?

RAW vs Jpeg

RAW vs Jpeg - RAW is a general term for raw, unprocessed data from the camera sensor. Camera stores image data, which does not interfere in any processes. Only adds to the file information (metadata) about the captured image and camera settings. Some programs, such as ViewNX from Nikon, it can work with when editing information about camera settings.

What's better than shooting in RAW to JPG?

Already whichever RAW is clear that the resulting image after processing in the program must be better. When shooting in Jpeg actually let the camera automatically from data from the camera sensor created photo. JPEG is a compressed image format, with which it also does not work well and subsequent modifications, this leads to large losses as the original quality. Raw data require processing at Neak program, but we get the highest quality and we can make full use of the camera options. The RAWu so then we can get better color, better tonal detail, greater range of display of lights and shadows ...
It is true that if we want to wring maximum of RAW, so you need to sit down and do the processing. However, better images but can also be achieved without a lengthy modification. If you use a Nikon camera, so you can install ViewNX. ViewNX is free. Supplied on CD to Nikon cameras, or it can be downloaded directly from the website of Nikon.
For ViewNX is an advantage that this program can work with the metadata and loads you photograph the same setting of the camera. If you do not have a photo in a premium quality, so with her not to do anything and can be directly exported to Jpeg. The photo will then have the same color and contrast, as a JPEG image, but it will have a better delineation of fine details. You can try to set the camera to shoot RAW + JPG FINE RAW then exported without modification to Jpeg and see the difference in the details.

Comparing the quality of RAW vs Jpeg

For comparison, the resulting quality of RAW vs Jpeg I also took a picture of one image in RAW + JPG FINE, the Nikon D80. For both images I used the same treatment in ViewNX. Pay attention especially quality color reproduction and tonal sky. Where are already blooming in Jpeg, so there are at the same image from RAW still image information.
Above is a Jpeg and below it is the same picture obtained from RAW (NEF):

jpeg vs RAW

in the figure is still to compare fine details 100% cut-out:

100% cut jpeg vs RAW (NEF)

How do you like the quality of RAW? Most are then better quality images from RAW recognize when printing photos on larger formats.
If you have not tried shooting in RAW, try it. RAW then you can easily handle in ViewNX (only for Nikon) and compare with Jpeg.
Have a good light and much success in your experiments with RAW.

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