timelapse (time-lapse) video from photos

timelapse (time-lapse) video from photos

timelapse (time-lapse) video from photos

timelapse (time-lapse) video from the photos, what is it?

timelapse (time-lapse) video from photos

Maybe a timelapse (time-lapse) reading for the first time, so soon I'll write what it actually is. Timelapse is so-called "long term observations," sometimes referred to as Accelerated photos or time-lapse photography. It's called time-lapse photography, but actually it's a few photos. Timelapse (long term observations) is not often created from hundreds of photographs that are scanned at a slow rate. Then the captured images will be incorporated into the video, where necessary in running 20x faster frequency than the frequency of taking snapshots.
In the timelapse video created from photos in which often accelerated recording of movements that are too slow for human perception. Most often makes timelapse effect as rapidly moving clouds, quick view east, or sunset and the like.

How to create time-lapse video?

Time-lapse is created so that from one place nafotí hundreds photos. Photos need take photos at a certain rate for a certain period of time. The most commonly used frequency when shooting 1-5 frames per second. The images are then using the program will be incorporated into the video at a frequency to be 25 frames per second. Photos in time-lapse take photos you need a tripod to avoid camera move. It's good to use a cable or remote release. The best option for time-lapse is the use of timing cable release, which is pre-programmed to the frequency scanning and then you do not have to worry about anything.
For example I created one time-lapse video. I used a tripod, digital SLR Nikon D80 and IR remote trigger Nikon ML-L3. Next I used the stopwatch on my cell, and every five seconds I took one picture. Thus, I took a total of 800 shots in 1 hour and 6 minutes. In the "Images to Video" I then created a video with a frequency of 18 frames per second, which is about 45s. So in 45 seconds video recording is accelerated sunset, which lasted more than 1 hour. Given that these are the pictures of NEF (RAW) in full resolution, so I resize and clipped in FullHD resolution 1920x1080px.
I wish you much success in creating timelapse (time-lapse) videos.

Sample timelapse (time-lapse) video from photos (accelerated sunrise):

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